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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

Welcome to Hope School! We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. At Hope School we provide an attachment-friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.
At Hope School pupils are taught an individualised curriculum which caters for their specific needs.

Sports Premium

Physical Education and Sports Premium funding


Sports Premium Action Plan 2020-2021

Total: £16,380

Barriers specific to the school


A: All pupils entitled to sports premium entering school have missed opportunities to learn through play, team building and self-expression.


B: All pupils entitled to sports premium have missed opportunities to use appropriate speech and communication.


C: All pupils entitled to sports premium do not have the fundamental movement skills required to engage in physical activity.



  • A - Forest School
  • B  - Aerial Ninjas
  • C - Swimming








The academic year 19/20, although limited in its capacity, was successful in engaging pupils in physical activity and active play.


Aerial ninjas has engaged pupils and developed core strength, balance and coordination, as well as fuelling pupil’s confidence as they showcased their skills in a Winter Spectacular.

Forest Schools has enabled pupils to develop a sense of awe and wonder for the natural environment whilst allowing them to learn though play and make choices and manage risk.

New playground equipment and environmental decorations allowed pupils to maintain a high level of physical activity every day, with equipment being accessible at play times and through creative cross curricular interventions.

Early Years and Foundation play equipment has given access to play for pupils who have otherwise found play times difficult to participate in. Through teacher modelled activities pupils have extended their knowledge and control over their Agility, Balance and Coordination.

Whilst it was viable a range of pupils across different age groups attended swimming lessons, gaining water confidence and developing different strokes, for many pupils at Hope School this is the only formally taught swimming that they access.



For further information about Sports Premium funding click on the link here.





During the year some of our lower school children attend Colomendy to help improve a various number of skills including teambuilding, independence, life skills and outdoor adventure.  Colomendy is perfect for schools and groups looking for an immersive outdoor adventure. This 130 acre site is set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Deep in the valley surrounded by scenic hills and woodland, brimming with wildlife and with views of Moel Famau.





At the beginning of the year Mr Darkins did a forum which gave the children to the chance to vote on what they think there sports premium money should be spent on. The boys came up with lots of different ideas on what they could spend the money on and we had all of the children vote on and they decided to spend their money on more equipment and also sports visitor come in throughout the year.  

Sports Visitors


In the Autumn term we had a dance teacher than comes in every Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday to help with our Christmas Performance which this year will be Michael Jackson 'Thriller'.

Each Class will learn the own dance routine from different Michael Jackson songs and the whole school with complete 'thriller' for final show.


In Spring and Summer term we have been lucky enough to be visited twice a week by a performer/artist who is teaching the children a range of techniques on balance and coordination as well as areal ninjas which lots of us really enjoy.


Sports Equipment


At the beginning of the academic year the school purchased lots of new equipment for the school to be use indoor and outdoor. The equipment is to help the children understand different and new sports from all around the world, the equipment can also be use in lots of different foundation subjects as well to help them learn in different ways.


We have purchase new equipment for Football, Hockey, Cricket, Tag rugby, Dogdeball, American Football, Multi-sports and also have purchase a pedometer for each children in the school.





Each half term a class will attend a swimming lesson at Garston Leisure Centre. This will help our children improve their swimming's skills and their independent skills.

100% of our year 6 pupils are meeting expected standards (National Curriculum Requirements to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over at least 25 metres using a range of strokes effectively as well as performing self rescue in different water based situations) 

Article 6: Every child has the right to life. Governments must do all they can to ensure that children survive and develop to their full potential.

Article 15: Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.