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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

Welcome to Hope School! We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. At Hope School we provide an attachment-friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.This website aims to give you a taster of the school. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have. Thank you for visiting!
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Pupil Voice

Friday 5th May 2017
Miss. Woodberry's Forum - Anti-Bullying



CW introduced Forum and said that today the boys (within their classes) would be creating an anti-bullying poster, these posters will be judged by JW and the lower school Hope Guardians.

The boys had 15 minutes to create their poster and there are 8 entries. JW came into Forum and said that she will be collecting the posters in and along with the Hope Guardians, choosing a winner. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Any Other Business

JM - Games on iPad's. MBi said that it was still in the process of going through and that the matter is still with the technicians.

DON - Empty Classroom Day. DON mentioned that it will be empty classroom day soon and if anyone has any ideas to relay them to either himself or MBi

ACM - Samba Goals. ACM asked whether or not we could get another Samba goal so the goals on the playground are even. JM said that him and MD will look into this.

JG - Asked whether school camping will be taking place this year. JM said that it is in the process of being organised. Cricket equipment, JM said that cricket equipment can be brought out at break time if it is used appropriately.

BE - A possible net for the playground a that balls aren't kicked over the fence and lost.

NB - Bikes for CAP, after half term to see if bikes will be an option for CAP. JM said that he would ask MG whether or not this would be an option.



Voting Forum 28/04/2017

Boys took it in turns to come up and persuade the rest of the school to vote them in as Treasurer, Secretary or Chairperson. 


Chairperson - JR  | Vice Chairperson - BW
Secretary - CW   |  Vice Secretary - NBL
Treasurer - SH    |  Vice Treasurer -  NB


Any Other Business

Boys also discussed whether during toast time boys can sit on other class tables, it was said that this matter would be discussed with staff the results mentioned at next weeks forum. 


Colomendy Trip - Boys asked whether or not there would be a trip and if so, who would be going. Staff said that the boys would know by next week as letters would be sent home. 


Dot Art Competition - As voting closes soon staff said that letters and texts would be sent home with the link to vote so parents/carers can vote at home. As well as this there will be a link to the website on the staff and pupil share so staff and pupils can vote in school. 


Fidget Spinners - Boys mentioned that some of the school bave fidget spinners and whether the school could buy some. Staff said that there is an issue with cost but the matter would be looked into further. Staff also said that the boys who have fidget spinners, own them. Staff also mentioned potential places to buy them; amazon, markets, town centres. 


Lower School Sports Day - Staff asked whether or not there is any volunteers who would like to help out with lower school sports day, 17 boys put their names down and those names have been passed on to the sports day co-ordinator. 


Lunchtime Routines - Staff mentioned that lunch time is eating time. Also that as soon as boys come down to the dining room they are to go straight to the counter and see what is on offer to them that day. This will be the minimum expectation of all boys. Staff also mentioned that the boys should not fill their plates with something that they are unsure that they like as food is just getting thrown away. 


Easter Forum 07.04.2017

Lower Key stage 2 boys all presented their Easter Posters and won chocolate Eater Bunny's 

The boys in upper school took part in Easter Forum they took part in a quiz on Easter and learnt about lent and what they gave up for lent e.g Fizzy drinks, chocolate and X-box. They also learnt how chocolate eggs are made at Cadbury's Chocolate Factory, they also in small groups designed their own eater egg. They drew what sweets they wanted in them and presented them to other classes in forum. 


Family Learning Day 06.04.2017


All parents came in to Hope School today to take part in Family Learning Day. They went into their child's classroom to look at their child's books and talk to their sons class teacher. The parents  also took part in a talk given by YPAS.  


Ms Naik Forum Khalid's Story 31.03.2017 

Boys took part in listening to Khalid's Story about a boy who was a refugee, they were asked what a refugee was and boys key stage 2 answered with  a person who flees their country because of war. The boys took part in two activities 1. name three items that are essential to take with you if you only had 15 minutes to pack. The boys answers were clothes, water and a book to read. Activity 2. All boys took part in a drama activity called the winding road, they stood together in a windy line then said as Ms Naik walked slowly passed them boys would say I am tired, I am hungry, are we there yet? To a beat of claps understanding  the feeling of sadness and lethargic to a beat of claps and slow sad music. 

Any other business : Cap feedback boys enjoyed as a class picking their own CAP clubs and using democracy as a group- behaviour has improved at CAP time due to changes. 



Mr O'Sulivans Forum- World Kindness Day 

Boys took part in activities of matching kind words in Spanish to the English translation they and discussed what kindness looks like at Hope School some boys gave examples of holding doors open for one another and saying please and thank you. The boys also took part in 

discussing who they wanted to pick as a class to receive a kindness award one boy from ach class received an award for their kind efforts this week. 

The boys were asked about what CAP Clubs they wanted for next term- hockey,football,bikes, archery, logic puzzles, tennis and making stress toys in science cap.


Mr Loftus Forum-Holocaust Memorial Day

The boys forum today was about Holocaust Memorial Day the boys learnt what the Holocaust was, why we as a country remember it and who was affect by this and why as a country we will not let it happen again. The boys took part in discussions and activities for the first activity. They discussed what three objects they would take with them if they were a child in the Holocaust to discuss in class groups about photographs and memories and what they why they are special to them. The other activities was to draw or write a memory they wanted to keep in a still form.

Any other business was discussion on [progress trips and that they will be another progress trip in April for the boys in school who make the most progresses a treat for them for working hard and meeting or going over and beyond their targets.



Mr Favor Forum-Maths is everywhere

As a school we are pushing maths for our pupils- the boys took part in to maths activities.One to double,half and then take away the original number they started with. The boys enjoyed this activity and they spent at least 15 minutes as individuals and in groups completing this activity. 

The boys then watched a video titled Maths is everywhere! It explained in picture form how maths is all around us and does not have to be tedious it can be fun it matters how it is delivered and who by. The boys also took part in another activity were they were split into  4 mixed ability and age groups to complete an activity. They were given 16 straws and asked to make them into the number or word TEN. 

Any other business:  

CAP lesson Dodge Ball and some boys would like to learn Korean lesson lead by Ms Loftus.

Water fight this summer all staff and pupils to take part as a team builder

Football match for key stage 2 and 3 to take place this summer before Sports Day orginised by Mr Marsh and Mr Darkins. 


6th January 2017   Voting Forum  
Boys from key stage 2 and 3 wrote speeches and presented them to all the upper school speak about why they want to be the treasurer, chair or sectary. The boys who presented then left the gym whilst both pupils and staff vote for the pupil they felt would be best to be the
Treasurer   Nathan,  Chair  Ryan and Secretary Baylee.
The boys enjoyed the Nurf War they enjoyed mixing with other boys from different classes
 they would like to complete another Nurf War next toy day.

Other Business: Progress Trip ideas

Fishing trip boys to look at places to go
Activity idea for school days - 1k  a day 15 minutes in the morning or throughout the day Health Schools Award. This will be discussed in  next weeks forum and boys will vote on full class participation.
Go kart trip as a progress trip speak to Mr O'Neill
Dirt Bike racing Nathan will look into this and bring it to next weeks forum-Mr Favour suggested taking the boys to a race as some maybe to young to participate.
Ice skating taking children to learn as a group of 10 children.
Forum end time  09.14am


21st December 2016

Key stage 1 and 2 boys took part in a Nerf  War and obstacle course on toy day. 


16th December 2016 Forum
Minutes last week how  Christmas is celebrated around the world Mr O'Sullivan matching the word merry charismatic is celebrated around the world.

Another other business
Christmas thanks to everyone who brought in shoe boxes, gifts and shoe boxes and it's for the Christmas appeal- boys will be picked to tack the gifts to their drop off point today.
Bikes Mr Favour fixing the bikes cap club is bike and skate board maintenance.

ms Gee. Re forum
How do  Christians celebrate Christmas

Activity in classes what we know about Christians celebrate Christmas feed back
From activity Presents, Christmas songs, Christmas dinner, birth of Jesus, advent calendars. Spend time with families, Decorations, nativity, tree, Christmas crackers, turkey, church mass-prey, Christmas story-nativity, Snow and bells.
Why do we give and receive gifts?
the 3 wise men brought Jesus gifts to loved ones we show that we are thankful to them.looking at the Christmas story then complete a quiz in classes.

MR O'Neill handing out certificates to hope school Eco warriors James, Ben, Beau, Emmanuel and Callum.
Rights respecting steering group - Kane, bully, josh, Nathan, Jaeden, Tyler, Anthony and Shaun, Ben, Ryan, Thomas, Nashe, Stephen.
Forum ends 9.18 am.




Pupils watched a video - What do you think of the student’s answers in the video and what does it mean to be British?

Boys were split into small groups and watch the video and in groups answer two questions

How the students responded to being ask about their feeling on being British the boys took note of the students saying that they felt not entirely British although they are part of a British school the male student was the only Chinese student in that school. But the Muslim boy identifies with being a British museum.

The boys in forum believe that if you believe you are part of Britain then you are British still part of a group in society- In their groups the boys were asked what does it mean to be British?

They responded with  we have the Queen and Royal family, we live in England, we watch British television programmes- The boys felt that doing these activities made them feel this British.

Mr Gorman explained to the boys some other values of being British we have a Prime Minster as ruler, Follow British laws and having tea time other counties do not have this but the British do.

Using thinks pair share in Kagan groups what do we have in common? The boys have 30 seconds of thinking time then share ideas in your groups. What do we have in common - all go to hope school, right to education, all speak English, all have NHS and free schooling. We are all human being. We all have access free health care, human rights, shelter, all got someone who cares for us, all have to follow school rules and British laws. The difference between the British and USA in the UK we sing the British National Anthem and it is sung about the queen but in the USA they sing the national anthem and raise the USA flag

Activity slips of paper what makes us British discussed, thought
Pot be British you need a British passport, join army to decent the England and the U.K. This activity is allowing the boys to justify their opinions about being British.




Date 10.11.16

All boys from key Stage 2 and 3 took part in an assembly about Remembrance Sunday Day. The boys learnt about the Battle of the Somme and the importance of remembrance Sunday and why as a nation we remember all the fallen each year and do a 2 minute silence.


Date 04.11.16

Upper school Forum - Miss Woodberry 

Remembrance day 

  • When is Remembrance Day 11th November 2016 same time every year.
  • Football poppies and remember acne day FA footballers can't wear their poppies on their arm bands when playing  football who agreed with this out handful who doesn't agree put hands up.
  • Why should they be able to wear poppies. To remember who died in the war it is for world war 1 and 2. It is our way to show our gratitude to them for going to war for us.
  • We have a minute silence and Remembrance Sunday when the war stopped at 11am on the 11th of the 11th every year.
  • Why is it a poppy we wear after the war they fought ton a poppy filed flounders field.
  • Poem in Flanders fields poppies grew.
  • Activities choose to create own class poppy or wreath another member of staff to judge them and the class on Monday will get a prize for winning 
  • Activity in class groups to create their own poppy 

Last weeks forum 
Discussed what we liked at half term

Any other business
  • Trip to jump nation rewards trip
  • Christmas jumper day- December you will need to bring £1 in and the best jumper will get a prize. Decide which charity we want our money to go to put it to charity to decide to put it to different charities we give to throughout the year our money from this will be given to alder hey. 
  • Christmas hamper and Hamper and toy appeal 
  • Secret Santa Mr bishop £2 child will choose to take part and pick a name out of a hat and buy a present for a boy in school.
  • Radio city toy appeal buy brand new toy to give to  needy children letter next week 
  • Food bank-tins 
  • Clothes Collection for Syrian refugees old clothes not wanted still wearable to drop off and send them over to Syria. 

Next week Eco forum a Eco grower every Monday will come in every other week coming in to different classes Eco warriors and a class week by week. 


Lower school forum - 21.10.16

Miss Woodberry



  • Miss Woodberry explained that all the children in the room were going on a trip that day (Kappa and Omega - Speke Hall, Gamma-Beeston castle)
  • Looked around each place on google maps - giving the children a preview



  • Children worked in four groups discussing; what they think they will do on the trip, what they think they will see on the trip and how they will be expected to behave on the trip. 
  • In their groups they feedback their ideas 


Any other business 

  • More playing equiptment for breaktimes
  • The oppourtunity to go and see a christmas pantomime 

Upper School Forum Minutes – Friday 14th October 2016  -


Healthy Schools Forum – Ms Speers

Chair : NB

Secretary – Colton McGregor (stand in)

Treasurer – Dylan Houghton


Pupils were asked what makes us a healthy school. Pupils suggested:

  • Offering salad for lunch
  • Water available for everyone
  • Green machines in the playground
  • Staying active
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Having fresh milk for lower school to drink
  • Fruit at break time

Pupils then took part in 3 activities looking at the traffic light system on food labels, matching nutritional information with the correct food and estimating how much sugar is in different foods.

Pupils said that they learnt that cola had the highest amount of sugar (9 cubes), that orange juice was also very sugary and that bananas were very high in sugar.


Any other business:

It was discussed that the green sensory room was ideal for filming using green screening. Mr Favour added that ICT lessons were available for staff to teach using the green screen.

It was requested for the Fantasy Football website to be unblocked. Mr Marsh commented that he had already requested for it to be unlocked and was discussing with Gateacre how that would work.

Boys requested that we make slime again, Ms Speers offered to do science CAP club making slime for the final day of half term.

Mr Hughes discussed access to Minecraft and explained that he would make it available for boys to use during Computing CAP but it would not be available any other time as boys were accessing it during lessons.

Climbing will be offered as a CAP club for free choice CAP



Lower School Forum                                                                                       7th October 2016


Chair – Finlay Knowles                   Treasurer – Kayden Musembi    Secretary – Connor McIntyre

  • Last week’s minutes
  • Any other business – there was no other business
  • Ms P Speers introduced the Healthy Schools Forum

Pupils were asked how we are a Healthy School. Pupils suggested, by having water available, fruit, PE activities and learning how to cook.


Pupils played a memory game where they were shown 10 fruit and vegetables and had to remember as many as they could in their group.


Pupils then became vegetable detectives. They had to find 12 pictures of fruit and vegetables hidden around the dining and library area.


Groups then picked their favourite fruit or vegetable. Together they wrote clues to guess what their vegetable was. They read the clues out and the other groups guessed what food they were talking about.


Certificates where handed out to classes for being Excellent Vegetable Detectives.

Forum Minutes- 07.10.2016

Ms Gee- Diwali

Feedback from No Pens Wednesday- Pupils enjoyed the no pens and would like to do it more often.

Pupils worked in class groups to write down everything that they know about Diwali and fed back to school.

Miss Gee went through some more information on Diwali including the name of lamps (diva) and a brief history of Rhama and Sitta.

Pupils worked in class groups to create their own Diva lamps using a set of instruction. They were informed that the class judged to have the best lamp would win a prize.

Pupils informed that the winner will be judged by Mr Naik at the end of the day.Pupils also took part in a short quiz to round their knowledge of Diwali in their class groups.

Any other business?

Boxing LD would like it as a choice for free choice CAP-informed they need to be sensible but it will be considered.


Progress Trip-Mon 6 boys ideas for trips across KS1-3.

Go Carting,Alton Towers, Trampoline Park, Laser Quest,Paint Balling and Blackpool.

Paint Balling- JM could we go paint balling as a team building activity.

CAP- MG Informed about how the boys will choose during free choice cap- choices on climbing wall and they will line up in front of their choices quietly. Also as a choice for free choice cap i Archery.


Forum minutes – 30.9.16


Mrs Duxfield explained about reading buddies (supporting younger boys with their reading) and reading ambassadors (one per class, to promote reading and help with the library and class reading corners).

The boys were informed about No Pens Wednesday which is planned for next week. In their classes they came up with ideas for practical lessons for maths, English and topic, and then fed these back to the rest of the forum.

Lexia certificates were handed out to 8 boys.



Nathan raised the issue of bikes.

Dominic raised the issue of some of the skateboards not turning due to rust.

Josh Roberts asked about making stress balls – Ms Speers said that this is planned for science CAP, as well as making calming sensory bottles.

Whole school forum:

European day of languages. As part of our curriculum, our boys have access to language learning. This year, we will be learning Spanish. To help to celebrate the introduction of our new language, we will be taking part in the European Day of Languages in school, on Tuesday 27th September.


We discussed the importance of language learning and celebrating cultural differences. We identified different languages spoken around the world, and discovered that there are over  6,500 languages spoken daily.



Jaeden – Jobs and clubs around school

Mrs O’Neill – lunch time seating arrangements 

Whole School forum:

As part of our school forum we are looking to encourage pupils to share their voice, see themselves as part of a bigger picture in the wider community of the school and to begin to understand the election process.  


Each term pupils are given the opportunity to create a speech and be voted as Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, pupils are then able to vote for the most suitable candidate.  The lucky three pupils that are voted in have the responsibility of presenting the meeting. 

The Committee


Chairman: Lewis D

Vice Chair: Nathan B

Treasurer:  Dylan

Vice Treasurer : Ben W

Secretary: Jaeden

Vice Secretary : Ryan


Any other business: 09.09.2016

Mr Favour- Rugby tournament for years 6,7, 8

Mr Gorman- CAP Clubs

Jaeden- Whole school football match

Nathan B - Bikes at CAP

Dylan- Cake sale for charity fundraising

Josh R -Making stress balls in science CAP

Ryan K - Computing

Miss Gee- Lining up in school




Main discussion points

Lower school forum 23.9.16

Agenda: Jeans for Genes day

Mrs Duxfield introduced Jeans for Genes day and explained that we each have approximately 24000 genes in our body which help to determine who we are and what we look like.

Children were split into five groups, with each group given 24 pieces of Lego to put together in any way they liked. The completed models were placed next to each other and we discussed how they were all different despite starting with the same number of pieces.

We watched a video – ‘What ‘Genes’ mean’.

Mrs Duxfield explained that sometimes things can go wrong with people’s genes; she talked about a little girl called Eloise who has 22q deletion syndrome which means she has lots of problems including leg pain and a hole in her heart. She explained that today we are raising money to help children like Eloise.

We watched a video – ‘Max’s story’ – and discussed what sort of things we would and wouldn’t be able to eat if we didn’t have any teeth.

Miss Woolley announced the winner of the ‘design a jean’ competition – this was awarded to Gamma class.

Any other Business:

A pantomime trip – KS1 staff will look into this

Bikes – Children asked about having some bikes that are bigger than the trikes in the infant yard but smaller than those currently used in free choice CAP so that they can access this better

Closed: - 9:05

Lower school Voting Forum 9.09.16


Forum opened at 8:30

SO talk about the different positions for being on the Lower School Committee.

SO showed a power point and asked the pupils what you need to have to be a chairperson, secretary and Treasure.

Pupils was asked to stand up and say why they would be good at the position.

Chairperson – Kyle, Kieron, Finley, Jake, James.

Secretary – Charlie, Connor, Comeron.

Treasurer -  Kaydon, Ethan, Lukus, Emmanuell, Callum

They then went out the class room and the others voted for them.

Lower School Committee are: -

Chairperson – Finley                                       Vice Chairperson – Kyle

Treasure – Kaydon                                          Vice Chairperson – Ethan P

Secretary – Connor                                         Vice Secretary – Charlie


Forum Closed at 9:00