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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

Welcome to Hope School! We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. At Hope School we provide an attachment-friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.This website aims to give you a taster of the school. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have. Thank you for visiting!
Welcome to the Hope School Website.

School Forum


Mr Gorman's Forum on Send my friend to school day.


AOB: CAP Clubs and new class lists will be discussed on Monday 17.7.17 


Ms Lindsey Forum this week was about American Independence Day and the history behind the 4th July and how now how every state in America has their own rules and laws.

A.O.B: Next terms CAP clubs will be picked for September Autumn term 1.


Ms Woodberrys Forum was based around a Sports Quiz boys were mixed into four different groups and took part in a sports quiz naming different sports persons and their sport. 


Archery for free choice cap today and as a cap club for the new term in September.

Using play dough as a stress toy- it is down to the class teacher to decide this.

Fidget spinners rules around school and  boys who also took part in the bike ability course came to the front of forum and were given certificates for passing the course and taking part.



Forum by Mrs Anderson- Core Values- Growth

The boys were asked what are Hope Schools Core Values?

Gratitude, Resilience, Optimism, Wisdom, Teamwork and Honesty.

All boys took part in an activity to learn more about Hope Schools Core Values and how they will be imbedded in our Curriculum from September 2017. The boys were split into 6 groups and all came up with different activities that can be delivered on launch days for every Core Value. The activities were as follows: Bouncy castle, Painting a friendship bench for the playground, sports day activities and self portraits.


Ms Lyndsey Forum

Asked the boys what important events happened yesterday? Discussions on the general election ad what  is democracy? Discussion on who rules the UK? some answer were the UK is free no one owns it, the army, the queen. Group activity discussion how we use democracy I school. Groups then wrote their own manifesto putting forward their argument to other class groups. Committees will votes later on today to see who would become Prime Minister. 

AOB: Discuss new class names, names of animals, star signs, local trees, months of the year.

Trips: JW informed Theta they'll go on  class trip later this year. MB discussed bike fixing and respect for equipment.


Mr Darkins Forum Sports

Think pair share Kagan activity- Boys were asked what do you get when you take part in a activity? Some answers were  Friendship, medals, healthy lifestyle, feeling of achievement. The boys were shown pictures of sports day and asked to discuss the emotional values that sorts gave people and to look at the confidence on the boys faces in the pictures at Hope School.

Activity: In mixed class groups pick a topic of PE Kit, trips, visitors, sports events and discuss the for and against for those topics and as a democratic school the one with the most votes will have some budget spend on this for next term. The boys oickd trips 

AOB:Own clothes every Friday and Boxing s a free choice cap option. 


 Forum 19.05.2017

Ms Lyndsey's Forum: National Millionaire Day 

Boys took part in the quiz and game who wants to be a millionaire in classes they answered multipul choice questions and they learnt about millionaire day.All boys were asked if they had any other business to discuss after the learning part of forum had finished: Boys would like more outdoor equipment for the playground and Minecraft on the laptops and computers in school.


Ms Woodberry Forum Anti Bullying

Create a anti bullying poster in class groups.

AOB: Games n the Ipads- need to talk to the tech guys. Empty classroom day were all lesssons will be outside Football- getting another goal for the boys who enjoy playing football at break time-Mr Darkins will look into this. Camping this term will be organised ad each class will go in July 2017. Use of bikes for CAP time as weather is getting better ad to order more balls- told to look after ones we have as they get kicked over onto Gateacres field.


Khailds Story Forum Ms Naik

Told the boys what is meant by the term  refugee is and told the boys about Khalid's story. he boys also took part in a activity as a whole school to stand up and stand in a wavy line all staff and children t listen to music then explain how it made them feel as individuals then as a group. The boys said they felt sad, drained and tired, hated, angry. The boys were asked why they had been spoke to about this particular story today and some answers were because we have refugee children now in Hope School, we have more than the refugees s we should help them.

Holocaust Memorial Day Ms Lofus

What is the holocaust and why do we remember the people who dies in holocaust and other events. Boys discussed discrimination of religion ad disability. In small groups boys answered the question Why is it important to remember the past? Some answers were so we don't forget lesson we learnt, to remember family and friends. Activity: to draw a picture frozen on paper of a wonderful memories you cherish some boys drew pictures of holidays, family, friends and past relatives. 


Red Nose Day Forum

The boys took part I being funny for money, selling cakes.

AOB: Choose own CAP clubs this term and free choice cap on Fridays. Cap ideas: Ipads, cooking, puzzles, dodge ball, basketball,. Easter competition design a poster at home what Easter mans to you and the winning entry will receive a prize for this activity. 

AOB: Music concert on the 23.3.17 for all upper and lower school. National happiness day boys will be informed of updates soon.


Red Nose Day Ideas Forum 

Boys looked at what themes they wanted to reproduce around school to be funny for money and raise money and awareness for other people less fortunate. Boys were shown a video of people suffering from Ebola and how the donations made from Hoppe School an many other schools around the world hep support the children orphaned by this disease. 


Forum Mr Darkins

Celebrating other cultures S

MSC Chinese New Year Mr Darkins explained the story of the Niam to the boys I key stage 2/3. Why the people celebrating Chinese New Year wear red for good luck, Red envelops filled with money, Celebrations in China Town. Activity: To make your own Chinese new year calendar within your class groups. AOB: Trainers in school only at break tie if you have school schoes, fishing as a school trip maybe to expensive and permits will e needed. 


Forum Mr Gorman British Values

 Presentation and explanation of British Values and boys were asked to write down what makes them British and what gives them British Values they answered with The royal family, British Law, Having tea and cakes, Our Prime Minister. Boys were given 30 seconds thinking time to answer the questions what di we have in common at Hope School ?


Rights Respecting Forum

The boys were sown a video on global rights an asked as a school what can we do to achieve the global rights respecting mark for Hope School.  In groups of 5 the boys took part in an activity they were given global goals as asked how we could help achieve these. The boys answers were as follows, do not waste food, recycle energy, switch off lights, wind turbines, climate change. Any other business: Out door equipment ordering when boys take care of their footballs ect.


Eco Forum Mr O'Neile

Looking at how electricity is used today and how to preserve it for further generations. The boys were shown pictures of world war equipment and asked to identify them and their electricity usage. They completed activities in 5 small groups to sort out the every day wattage and price of currently every at item as a kettle into what is the most and leas expensive to run. Any other business: The eco grower is coming into school to complete activities with the eco- warriors.


Remembrance Sunday Forum: Ms Woodberry

Ms Woodberry delivered presentation on Why we have remembrance Sunday ad who It is for. The boys took part in activities about remembrance Sunday they in classes made their own poppy wreathes. Any other business:  Boys spoke to staff and pupils jump nation pupil progress trips, Christmas jumper day and donations, santa flight for lower school pupils and Syrian clothes collection.


Forum Ms Speers Health Schools

Activity: Boys in small class groups looked at food labels and decided which had less salt and sugar. Any other business: Boys asked about using the green sensory room for CAP time and where also asked to discuss next terms CAP.