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Mental wellbeing

At Hope School our vision is to help pupils to become resilient lifelong independent learners, through a relational approach that fosters high warmth and high boundaries. We accept each others' mental health needs and promote an environment which includes mental wellbeing at the forefront of all aspects of the school community.



We aim to build the cultural layer of good habits and self care that can help make us all more mentally healthy.


It starts with you. Each of us needs to start thinking and talking about what’s good for our minds. So over to you.


Mental Health Team


Introducing the Hope School Mental Health Team:


Mr Darkins


Miss Lindsay


Miss Timson


Miss Jones


If you ever need any support with how you are feeling seek out a member of the team, or an adult that you trust.


The Hope School Mental Health team seeks to support and the mental wellbeing of all in the school community including; staff, pupils and parents and carers.


If you are unable to speak to us, or feel ore comfortable you can seek us out via our emails addresses;


Mental Health Champions


Each class has voted for a representative as a Mental Health Champion. These pupils will lead activities and initiatives across the school, as well as be a voice for their peers' wellbeing.


Meet the Hope School Mental Health Champions:










The Mental Health Champions meet weekly to discuss, review and plan activities events and strategies to support the wellbeing of the school community.


Wellbeing Wednesday


The Mental Health Champions have worked collaberatively to plan a range of activities centered around wellbeing which are not directly linked to curriculum subjects. The Mental Health Champions have suggested activities such as; a spa, mindfullness, sensory art amongst others. 


Wellbeing Wednesday will take place on Wednesday 19th June this half term.




Article 15; Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights. 

Recommended Websites

Please see below a list of websites that may be useful to support your wellbeing.



Mind - Home - Mind

YoungMinds - YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds

The Mix - Get Support - The Mix

Place2be - Improving children’s mental health in schools – Place2Be



Autism - National Autistic Society (

This website offers support and resources for parents and carers.


ADHD - Home - ADHD Foundation : ADHD Foundation

This website has useful resources to support parents/ carers and educators including children's books and booklets with information on neurodiverse needs. 


Hub of Hope - Mental Health Support Network provided by Chasing the Stigma | Hub of hope

This app lets you enter a postcode and search nearby mental health charities. 

Recommended Apps

Below are a list of Apps avaliable from App stores on mobile devices. Some of these Apps are free but contain in App purchases. Some Apps are recommended for ages 13+.


Calm Harm - This App is designed to help people to resist the urge to self harm by providing a range of actvities to help users to regulate strong emotions and promote self care behaviours. Suitable for ages 13+.


Anti Stress - This App has a range of short games aimed to distract from uncomforatble and overwhleming feelings, a little like a fidget toy.


Dare: Panic and Anxiety Relief - Used to help understand and relieve anxiety and panic. Suitable for ages 4+.





Here at Hope School, we feel strongly that no child should feel unsafe or bullied whilst coming to school and receiving an education.


This year, Hope School are proudly taking part in Anti-Bullying week between the 14th and 18th of November 2022. Hope School will be completing lessons around bullying and taking part in 'Odd Sock Day' on Monday the 14th to bring awareness that we are all unique. 


The campaign this year for Anti-Bullying week is to #ReachOut, and here at Hope School, we encourage all pupils to reach out in and seek help to stop bullying.