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Anonymous Parent Information/Feedback 2024

Behind the scenes footage at hope.


 I'm a parent at hope. When my son started at Hope I had no idea of the things that happened behind the scenes that help him every day So, I thought it might be good to tell you about some of the not so secret secrets that showed me how great the school is.


Did you know?

The teachers really do get to know your child.

 Without the children knowing they are constantly observed and assessed to see how they learn best, what makes them happy/sad/bored and every other emotion in between. This is all taken into account when teaching. It is completely normal at hope for the teachers to relay the same information in many ways to make sure that your child understands. They definitely do not have the one size fits all approach. They literally tailor their lessons to each individual so every child can access their education.


School staff really do want to be there for you and your child and your family.


I know you have probably heard it before but its real. My child had an awful time at mainstream school when he moved to Hope I was expecting the “fresh start” speech but instead of that the staff wanted to know about his past and it was so they could help. They are helping deal with that trauma so he can thrive rather the attitude of leave it in the past as its over now. They literally have a full time member of staff who I am sure you have met who dedicates her time to being there for families not just the child at the school, Yvonne Seed is amazing. On my sons first day I called her 3 times (yes I know that is excessive) to check he was ok not once did she even sigh she just went and checked on him to make sure he was ok. I think I was just as nervous as he was.


They have courses at school which can help.


They are never going to tell you your parenting is at fault or they know better or any other of that condescending advice that I know as a parent has really got to me. The first course I went to I felt awkward I thought it was going to be lots of telling me how to parent my child. It really wasn’t we talked about what my sons needs were and they asked how I was dealing with situations. They then told me how school deals with the same situations. Even when I told them school and home needed to be very separate we came up with an entirely different plan that helped both in school and out.

They often have therapist/specialists in school

Not to sit and look at the children all the time. I think a lot of them wouldn’t like that. These specialists work with the teachers to give the teachers the tools to help your child. Sometimes they will work with your child on issues through things like play therapy ect.


EHCP reviews


Staff love a good review. It gives them and you time to really ensure your child is getting full unrestricted access to their education it gives everyone a chance to tell the LA what your child really needs. When I got my sons first EHCP I thought it was ok but now his plan really reflects who he is.


Their staff are no ordinary school staff.


Specialist staff at hope provide training for other schools to help them with their approach to SEN issues. They are really doing their best to make sure children with SEN needs get a good education without the trauma that can be sustained if their needs are not fully understood. Even the ones that do not go to Hope.


Ill stop droning on now. The message I just wanted to get across is that your child’s at a great school lots of things happen that you might not know about but I was amazed when I found out. I was always worried I was bothering school about things but I have learned that they like it. They want you to be part of school there is no us and them. Talk to them have your say. We know our children better than anyone and a lot of parents have fought hard to get their child’s needs recognised. Hope want to help change the world of education for children with social emotional and mental health needs and we can be part of it.