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School Trips & Visitors

Pupils at Hope School attend a trip or have a visitor come in to school at least once every half term. This enables us to bring the curriculum to life for our children. 


In addition to this we offer a range of residential stays throughout each academic year. 


As always, it is essential to remember that no child should ever miss out on any school opportunity, whether that is a day trip, a residential or any other opportunity, purely because it is economically unviable for a school family to afford it. I would always urge anyone who feels this might be the case to speak, in confidence, to you child's class staff or myself. 


We have various ways of offering potential support to ensure our trips are accessible to all of our children. Please do not ever feel uncomfortable asking; our school vision embodies our commitment to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to thrive and flourish and that is something we are genuinely committed to.