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Our Staff

Hope School Staffing Structure

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Headteacher: Mrs. M. O'Neill

Deputy Headteacher: Vacancy

Assistant Headteacher/SENDco: Mrs. H. Gorman

Assistant Headteacher (Secondment) Mrs. K. McGing

Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs. E. Anderson

School Business Manager: Mrs. H. Stewart


Teaching Staff

Miss. S Butler - Class 1 Teacher 

Miss. J. Jones- Class 2 Teacher

Miss. A. Hill - Class 3 Teacher

Miss. R. Mahoney - Class 4 Teacher

Mr. M. Darkins - Class 5 Teacher

Mr. M. Gorman - Class 6 Teacher

Ms. A. Lindsay - Class 7 Teacher

Mrs. C. Haralambous - PPA Cover / Phonics Lead

Ms. M. Quinn- Senior teacher- Curriculum lead


Support Staff


Ms. B. Donnelly- Play therapist/ LSA

Ms. S. Jones - LSA

Ms. M. Gomes - LSA

Mrs. K. Vickery - LSA

Mr. J Anderson - LSA

Miss. E Timson - LSA

Miss. O. Delaney - LSA

Miss. M. Rice - LSA


Family Support Worker

Mrs. Y. Seed - School Family Support


Office Staff

Mrs. H. Stewart - School Business Manager

Ms. H. Roberts - Admin Assistant


Auxiliary Staff

Mr. S. Anderson - Caretaker

Mrs. L. Coffee - Cleaner

Mrs. K. Morgan - General Assistant

Ms. E. Ryan - General Assistant

Mrs. E. Latham - Cook


Article 3: The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect children.