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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

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Providing an attachment friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.

Welcome to Hope School! We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. At Hope School we provide an attachment-friendly community which fosters warmth with high boundaries so that all can achieve to their full potential.
At Hope School pupils are taught an individualised curriculum which caters for their specific needs.

Class 1

Welcome to Class One 


My name is Miss Lindsay and I am the Class Teacher. We are mixed Year 1/2 class with 9 pupils and we are luckily enough to be supported by Mrs Coslett and Miss Jones. We also have a translator working in our classroom called Ms Kristina. 


This term our class topic will be Teamwork.


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Meet the Teacher

What are we learning this term? 

This term our topic will be Teamwork. Throughout the term, we will participate in many lessons and activities that cover subjects across the curriculum, including Science, Art, Design and technology, PSHE and R.E. All of our learning will incorporate teamwork, learning about ourselves and others and how we can show teamwork in school and our local community. 


In Maths this term we will develop our knowledge and understanding of capacity and shapes. We will use a range of resources to help support us while we learn how to estimate and order different bottles, learning the different vocabulary for describing capacity and understanding the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.   


In English this learn, we will be focusing on fundamental skills in reading and spelling. We will take part in daily phonics lessons to help us develop our reading skills and equip us with the skills to help us decode unfamiliar words. We will also be learning about traditional rhymes and poems, becoming familiar with new poems and creating our own. 

Outdoor Learning 

This term, class one will be participating in outdoor learning every Thursday. Please ensure your child/charge wears the appropriate clothing and footwear each week as they will be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. As we come into Summer, this should include layers in case the weather changes during the day. It may also be helpful for your child to have a sun hat and to bring into school their own sun screen that they can apply to themselves once in school. Please also ensure your child has a change of footwear.


Throughout the term, class one have enjoyed being able to experience child-led learning, where pupils can choose the activities they participate in and learn at their own pace. Some of the activities we have taken part in are sensory and messy play with ice, bubbles and foam, mud kitchen play, investigating mini beasts and their habitats and nature walks. Have a look at our pictures below!  



Outdoor Learning Pictures

Imaginative Play 

This year, class one will have many opportunities for imaginative play. This will be integrated into our class curriculum, as well as dedicated times throughout the day.


Each month, our class role play area will have a different theme. This months role play corner is a cafe. Opportunities for imaginative play and role play will help us to develop our skills in sharing, problem solving, understanding fantasy and enable us to learn life skills that will help as we progress through the school.  




A homework planner will be given out at the beginning of each term so that you can see what is expected during that time. Pupils can pick any activity to complete each week as homework, in any order.


To help your child continue to make good progress in reading, please ensure they are reading for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. Due to the current climate, class books are unable to be sent home. As a school we have invested into using Oxford Owls, which is a website containing lots of fantastic reading books. Please contact me if you need the Oxford Owls log in details to access the reading materials.