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Class 1

Welcome to Class One 


My name is Miss Lindsay and I am the Class Teacher. We are mixed Year 1/2/3 class with 9 pupils and we are luckily enough to be supported by Mr Burquest. 


This term our class topic will be Teamwork. On launch day, we completed lots of fun activities around teamwork and learnt how to use different skills to communicate in a team.  


Class One will be using seesaw to post weekly pictures of pupils work and to show our families our learning. 


To contact me please email


All About Miss Lindsay

What are we learning this term? 

This term our topic will be Teamwork. Throughout the term, we will participate in many lessons and activities that cover subjects across the curriculum, including Science, Art, Design and technology, PSHE and R.E. All of our learning will incorporate teamwork, learning about ourselves and others and how we can work together in class, in our school and our local community. 


In Maths this term we will develop our knowledge and understanding of statistics. 

We will begin by learning why we collect data and how to use tally charts to collect information. We will then progress onto showing data in different methods like a pictogram and bar chart. Finally we will then learn how we can use data charts to find out information. 


In English this learn, we are studying stories from different cultures. We will explore different characters and settings in stories from other cultures, before learning the features and key parts that create these stories. We will conclude the unit by writing our own story, based on those we have read throughout the topic. 


As part of our music topic this term, we will be visiting the British Music Experience in Liverpool City Centre. Class One will also be taking part in weekly choir lessons with Miss Vicky. 

Outdoor Learning 

This term, class one will be completing outdoor learning on Wednesdays. Please ensure your child/charge wears the appropriate clothing and footwear each week as they will be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. As we come into summer, this should include layers in case the weather changes during the day. The ground around school can become very muddy if there has been a lot of rain so a change of footwear or wellies would be really useful. 


Throughout the term, class one will be able to experience child-led learning, where pupils can choose the activities they participate in and learn at their own pace. Some of the activities that we will take part in are den building, bug hunting, using clay and other natural resources, making tools and working with food and fire safety skills. 



This term, Class One will be swimming on Thursdays. Pupils will need to attend school

in full school uniform and bring their swimming shorts, towel and goggles with them in a bag. 


Class One visiting The Beatles Museum


A homework planner will be given out at the beginning of each term so that you can see what is expected during that time. Pupils can pick any activity to complete each week as homework, in any order.


To help your child continue to make good progress in reading, please ensure they are reading for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. Due to the current climate, class books are unable to be sent home. As a school we have invested into using Oxford Owls, which is a website containing lots of fantastic reading books. Please contact me if you need the Oxford Owls log in details to access the reading materials.