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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!

Hi, my name is Miss Mahoney and I am the class teacher in Class 6. We are a mixed class of 8 pupils from years 6 and 7. We are very lucky to be supported by both Miss Gomes and Mrs Faulkner. 


To contact our class team please email:






Our theme this half term will be ‘Optimism', and as a school, we will be completing a variety of lesson and activities throughout the term that have the theme of 'Optimism' running through them. 


During this term, Class 6 will be attending forest school every Tuesday. This will be are outdoor learning day and the class will have to opportunity to use tools in the tool area, go on nature walks, use the tree swing and learn how to create a fire to cook our lunch over. 




Pupils will read independently in class and will have the opportunity to take part in guided reading sessions. In addition to reading in school, reading at home at least three times a week is a fantastic way to develop reading skills. Pupils will be given reading books to take home and pupils are asked to keep a reading log of any reading that they do out of school.