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Outdoor Learning

Year 3

- I can light cotton wool pads with steel

- I can collect, grade and safely add sticks to the fire

- I can use solver birch and other tinder extenders

- I can cook bread on a fire

- I can light a candle


- I can tie a hitch knot with support

- I can square lash two sticks together

- I can clean a coil rope

- I can build a ridge pole tarp shelter

- I can build a tarp lean-to

- I can build a log lean-to

- I can select the appropriate site for a shelter

- I can build a central pole tipi

- I can use a knife to create a point at the end of a stick

- I can use a knife to flatten one side of a stick

- I can work increasingly cooperatively with others, discussing how to follow trails and solve problems
- I can recognise that different tasks make their bodywork in different way
- I can comment on how they went about tackling tasks.