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Rise PE is a program designed to develop pupils understanding of mental wellbeing and strategies to support wellbeing proactively.


Benefits to students

  • Improved mental wellbeing.
  • Greater understanding of how physical activity can boost their mental wellbeing. Improved sleep and nutrition.
  • Increased confidence and belief in themselves.
  • Improved knowledge of practical strategies to apply to build their mental wellbeing.
  • Enhanced relationships with peers and staff.
  • Reduction in behaviour incidents.
  • Increase in progress and attainment.
  • Improved mindfulness, flexibility, strength and balance.
  • Greater awareness of the dangers of social media.





“I like the stress busters, like tackling a rugby bag, because when I ran to it I had lots of energy build up and when I hit the bag it all went. It made me feel relieved and calm.”


“Playing in a team is god because you have to work together and sometimes you have to work with people you may not like but when you win together it feels good and you make friends.”


“When I am feeling silly or wound up I like the repeaters because they make me slow down and make my mind calm.”