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outdoor Learning

Year 2

- I can demonstrate fire circle etiquette

- I understand the need for completely extinguishing a fire

- I can collect dry sticks for a fire

- I can produce sparks with a fire steel

- I can safely cook items on a sick over a fire

- I can make a friendship bracelet

- I can tie an overhand knot

- I can thread through a wooden cookie

- I can wrap a stick

- I can build a nest

- I can build a miniature shelter

- I can build a small den

- I can build a ridge line shelter

- I can use a storm shelter

- I can safely peel a stick with a potato peeler

- I can safely use a saw

- I can safely use loppers

- I can safely use a froe

- I can safely use secateurs

- I can identify differences between trees, bushes and plants

- I can recognise signs of animal life

- I can identify where they are by using simple plans and diagrams of familiar environments
- I can identify points on a compass.
- I can use simple plans and diagrams to help them follow a short trail and go from one place to another
- I can respond to a challenge or problem they are set