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Shine Therapy Service


Hope school are working alongside a range of therapy services to offer pupils Occupational and Speech and Language Therapy in school. We can assess and provide students, teaching staff and parents with strategies and advice around the following areas…



Occupational Therapy

· Fine motor and handwriting provision

· Developing gross motor skills

· Independence skills

· Feeding difficulties

· Emotional regulation

· Visual perception/visual motor integration

· Sensory integration strategies and assessments




Speech and Language Therapy:

· Attention and listening

· Understanding what others say

· Remembering which words to use and what they mean

· Putting together sentences and understanding what they mean

· Knowing how to use communication in social situations

· Unclear speech

· Stammering/stuttering

· Phonological disorders/verbal dyspraxia

· Developmental language disorder



Within Hope School, the occupational and speech and language therapy services are delivered across 3 distinct tiers of therapy provision; universal, targeted and specialist.


  • Universal: This refers to therapeutic strategies which are good for an accessible to all pupils at Hope School i.e. using a total communication approach, visual supports, minimal language approach, vocabulary learning strategies, creating a sensory friendly environment through universal class sensory diets, classroom sensory interventions such as sensory circuits and class-based sensory tools and fine motor exercises and finger gyms.


  • Targeted: This refers to therapeutic strategies which are necessary for some pupils within the school with specific participation barriers i.e. targeted assessment of abilities and need followed by direct speech and language/social communication support, targeted sensory interventions with intervention members of staff or motor exercises/compensatory supports.


  • Specialist: This refers to therapeutic strategies or direct therapy contact required for a few pupils within the school i.e. full comprehensive assessment due to complexity of need, detailed therapy plans and in some cases direct interventions with the occupational or speech and language therapist.