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Family Support Worker

Hope School are lucky enough to have a family support worker (Liam) who is able to offer support to any of our pupils or their families who may need it. 


Liam wanted to share his thoughts on working alongside Hope School and our families. 




When I visit/ work alongside school I recieve positive vibes in and around the school. Working with families is much easier from Hope as I know I am fully supported by all members of the team and likewise I feel trusted and supported too go the extra mile for all of the pupils and their families within Hope School. 


All of the families that I have supported only have positive things to say about the partnerships between myself, the school and the families. 


If you would like support from our family support worker then contact and she will be happy to discuss this with you. 

Article 11; Governments must do everything they can to stop children being taken out of their own country illegally by their parents or other relatives, or Abduction and non being prevented from returning home.

Article 20; f a child cannot be looked after by their immediate family, the government must give them special protection and assistance. This includes making sure the child is provided with alternative care that is continuous and respects the child’s culture, language and religion.