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Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

The Thrive Approach


Recent advances in neuroscience, attachment theory and child development have provided some of the answers to what  it takes to develop healthy, happy, confident children who are ready and open to learning.


The Thrive Approach draws on insights from these fields to provide a powerful way of working with children and young people that supports optimal social and emotional development. In addition, Thrive on line equips Hope School  to work in a targeted way with children and young people who may have struggled with difficult life events to help them re-engage with life and learning.


What’s Involved

We understand a child's challenging or troubling behavior is a form of communication and through on line tools, training and mentoring, our Thrive Practitioners and Attachment Lead, support staff and pupils in learning about the emotional and social development relevant to a child's age. 


At Hope school , class assessments occur every term and each class has actions plans with given suggestions for activities and strategies to support staff  to implement the plan.  We can review, assess and monitor our pupil's progress at regular intervals throughout the school year.  From the data collated individual pupils are targeted for individual plans, eventually every child will have an individual plan for the beginning of the new school year 2018 -2019.  The individual plans will be shared with parents to help establish a consistent approach within the school and home setting.




Article 33; Governments must protect children from the illegal use of drugs and from being involved in the production and distribution of drugs.

Article 35: Governments must protect children from being abducted, sold or moved illegally to a different place in or outside their country for the purpose of Abduction. 

Article 38: Governments must not allow children under the age of 15 to take part in war or join the armed forces. Governments must do everything they can to protect and care for children affected by war and conflicts. (PREVENT)